I shall help you find the boat of your dreams
Gabriele Morosini

Gabriele Morosini


My job? Making a dream come true for those who love boats and sailing. Purchasing, selling or renting a classic or modern vessel has never been easier. You can rely on me to find the ideal boat, or a buyer who is looking for one just like yours.
Passion, knowledge and reliability are my keywords when making a deal and overseeing, management of your yacht, restoration and refitting projects, with an obsessive attention to detail. Don’t wait any longer: your dreams can come true!

Come and discover Lycam. I’ll be waiting for you!


Vintage Boats

Gabriele Morosini will guide you through the classic boats sector: these are true works of art and objects of desire, representing a niche sector in the nautical sphere and requiring specific expertise and knowledge. He is able to assist you, with professionalism, in both purchase and sale.


Modern Boats

Thanks to Lycam, you will not simply find a boat, but a boat that best fulfils your requirements. Gabriele Morosini, founder of Lycam, is a professional yacht broker, your ideal partner in the brokerage of contracts for the purchase, sale, rental and hire of boats.



Refitting allows the owner to redevelop their boat not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from a functional-technological point of view.
On the basis to your needs we will advise the most specialist artisans and restorers.


I have traded many
boats and have been
lucky enough to touch
some truly unique pieces

Colombo Miami 48
Miami 48 S - 1992
Colombo Romance 32
Romance 32 - 2004
Offshorer Marine Montecarlo 30
Montecarlo 30 - 1981
Offshorer Montecarlo 30
Montecarlo 30 - 1988
Offshorer Montecarlo 30
Montecarlo 30 - 1984
Riva 54 Aquastar
Aquastar 54 - 1997
Riva Aquarama
Aquarama 3' serie - 1971
Riva Aquarama
Aquarama 1' serie - 1964
Riva Aquarama Special
Aquarama Special - 1974
Riva Aquarama Special
Aquarama Special - 1985
Riva Aquarama Super
Aquarama Super - 1969
Riva Ariston
Ariston - 1958
Riva Ariston
Ariston - 1965
Riva Ariston
Ariston - 1970
Riva Ariston
Ariston - 1965
Riva Bahamas 58
Bahamas 58 - 1995
Riva Bertram 25 Sportfisherman
25 Sportfisherman - 1973
Riva Florida
Florida - 1960
Riva Junior
Junior - 1966
Riva Junior
Junior - 1970
Riva Junior
Junior - 1967
Riva Olympic
Olympic - 1972
Riva Olympic
Olympic - 1971
Riva Portofino 34
Portofino 34 - 1977
Riva Rudy Super
Rudy Super - 1976
Riva Saint Tropez
Saint Tropez - 1977
Riva Saint Tropez
Saint Tropez - 1976
Riva Sebino project
Sebino - 1954
Riva Super Florida
Super Florida - 1968
Riva Tritone
Tritone - 1957
Riva Tritone
Tritone - 1963
Riva Tritone
Tritone - 1961
Riva Tritone
Tritone - 1960
Riva Tritone project
Tritone - 1959
Riva Tropicana 43 Special
Tropicana 43 Special - 1993
San Marco Turismo racer
Turismo racer - 1965
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