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A Bertram motor yacht of 38 feet acquired directly from his friend Richard Bertram in the late sixties allowed Carlo Riva to navigate the Aegean in its entirety. This is a unique and priceless boat precisely because it has been owned by two legends of the nautical world.

Gabriele Morosini will guide you through the classic boats sector: these are true works of art and objects of desire, representing a niche sector in the nautical sphere and requiring specific expertise and knowledge. He is able to assist you, with professionalism, in both purchase and sale.

Thanks to Lycam, you will not simply find a boat, but a boat that best fulfils your requirements. Gabriele Morosini, founder of Lycam, is a professional yacht broker, your ideal partner in the brokerage of contracts for the purchase, sale, rental and hire of boats.

Refitting allows the owner to redevelop their boat not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from a functional-technological point of view. On the basis to your needs we will advise the most specialist artisans and restorers.
Gabriele Morosini
Professional Broker

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