Riva and Nautica Casarola's Partner
An answer to all your needs

Lycam is right by your side, with its knowledge and expertise both when purchasing or selling, but also during the management process.
We share your passion: we are better qualified than anyone else when it comes to understanding your needs and desires.
You can trust us when it comes to displaying your yacht at trade shows, events and gatherings, so that we can quickly find the buyer that’s just right for you.


You can trust us when it comes to overseeing restoration or refitting work on your classic or modern vessel. We can request, examine and review the quotes you get from shipyards and artisans, and we will also provide you with detailed reports and images of the work that’s being carried out.


We take care of your vessel no-matter what, by precisely overseeing its packaging and shipping all around the world. We are the perfect partner for those who like to experience life at sea at its fullest, just like you!