Riva and Nautica Casarola's Partner

Expertise born of passion

LYCAM’s founding principle was the desire to guide, with both expertise and professionalism, those – like its founder Gabriele Morosini – who are in love with the sea and motor boats and who are looking to purchase, sell or charter either a classic or modern boat, to purchase a classic car or unique motorcycle or even to experience their dream sailing holiday, visiting the most stylish locations. With proven experience that has been continually confirmed over the years by a number of successful projects, Lycam is a reliable partner which is able to satisfy even the most ambitious of requirements.

Those who put their trust in Gabriele and his staff can rely on a team of passionate professionals who are determined to offer the highest level of expertise so that every requirement is satisfied both speedily and flawlessly. This important commitment shall be fulfilled with both energy and enthusiasm by Gabriele Morosini and Lycam.

Gabriele Morosini


Creating a career out of his own passions has not been a destination for Gabriele Morosini, but, rather, a new beginning! Born in 1963, with a lifelong love for the sea and motor vessels, Gabriele has had the opportunity to sail extensively over the years in his own boats, acquiring a considerable knowledge of sailing which, added to twenty years of experience in competitions, first with motorcycles and then cars, make him a true expert in all these sectors. Today, Gabriele Morosini is an esteemed and well-known professional yacht broker who, before becoming a nautical entrepreneur, was a client himself and, therefore, knows extremely well the expectations of those who want to own a classic motorboat, sail a motor yacht or even ride a motorcycle or drive a special car.